Our Services

We mainly do cleaning, descriptions, measurements and adjustments of ventilation systems, as well as disinfection and cleaning of fire load.
Our area of ​​activity is all over Finland and, if necessary, we will also work abroad when the task is big enough.

Also installation of ventilation systems.

Cleaning of Fire Loads

Duvet covers, electric shelves etc.
For example: commercial spaces, restaurants, gas stations, industrial

With our new technology we can clean of fire loads also at high spaces without building racks, it saves time and money from the customer.

Service Agreements

To ensure that all necessary measures are taken, it is recommended that a ventilation filters are inspected and changed by professionals. We will provide all the filters and adjustments for real estates.

Insulation Wool Finishing

Coating of wool in the air conditioning systems with Grafoseal dust-binding agent which is intended to glass and wool fibers as well as asbestos fibers.

Alternatively, removal of old wool from the old input terminal body, ventilation units and coating the inside with Dacron plates.